So here we go let the melody flow like the tide going out from high to low.  There’s something in the air that keeps me going there, where the party’s going on any time of year.  The time is right so let’s hit the floor, bumpin’ and a grindin’ gotta get some more.  You need a little break and you know you gotta take some time to relax and recuperate.  The night is young so let’s have some fun. sled01

The band is on stage and the time has come, where we can get together and be alright.  No worries here under the full moonlight.  Gotta take a chance, do a little dance, light up in the fire of a dark romance.   Here we are at the end of the day.  We’re watching the sky as the sun fades away.  The time is now and here is the place, where we can reminisce and laugh at our mistakes.  Or, you can find yourself and lose your way.  I hope you feel the freedom of another fine day.  Gotta take it easy, try to relax.  It’s only getting better, there’s no turning back.  It’s all good this is where we belong, rocking to the beat all night long. 
The laughs go on, no worries here.  Let it all out, forget your fears.  Forget your demons.  Forget your vice.  You’re only young once, you don’t live twice.  So let’s ride out, things’ll never be the same.  One step closer, yet so far away.  I’m singin’ that same old song that I’ve been singing all along.  No matter how you do it, when you get to it, you know that you can’t go wrong.  Finally, a place, where you don’t have to chase the feeling of being free.  So, give me your cup, let me fill it up and we’ll down it on the count of 3.  It’s all about the hot summer nights and chillin’ in the cool ocean breeze.  Hey, that’s the life for me, sippin’ pina coladas sittin’ under palm trees.



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