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Current Band Lineup
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JBone01 StevieG01 Russ01 Jay01
J-Bone Stevie G. Russ Jay

Former Members
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Heath01 Juanita01 Jack01 Skooge01 Cam01 Sean01
Heath Juanita Jack Skooge Cam Sean

Other Photos
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Heathbiopix Heath is the band's lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player.  He is one of the three orignal members of the band, and he even did some drumming on "Cardiac Arrest" and "Lucid Visions".  He spends most of his time writing and re-writing the rhythm tracks and then he heads to the bathroom to write and re-write the vocal tracks.

Heath just likes to entertain people, whether it's music, film or staging an argument at the local laundr-o-mat just for kicks.  He won't admit it to anyone, but he used to be a Bon Jovi fan.  Now he's this hardcore/pseudo-punk rock, ska dude.  Which is all very good; at least he's not into country, yet.  Heath holds the theory that the world is the screwed up thing, not him, that's why he's such a happy fellow.  The rest of the band has a hard time with this theory. 

His hobbies include fishing, skateboarding, sitting on the john writing lyrics and reading the classifieds.   Heath is a strong advocate of playing live shows and doing the touring thing.  He even promotes the live tour before the CD and sometimes the songs before they're written!  Keeping hardcore and Strych-Nine at the top is his best endeavor.

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JBonebiopix Justin (J-Bone), lead guitar, is an original member of Strych-Nine.  He has been at this position through the Toxic Waste and Final Procedure band changes, since 1991.  He wrote the very first original song for the band, "Danger Keep Out" (released as a demo only).  He was the primary songwriter for the first three albums, "Danger Keep Out", "Lucid Visions", and "Suicide 39".

Currently, Justin is a Computer Aided Design Engineer, working for an architectural firm in Deerfield Beach, FL.  Basically a self taught guitarist, he did some classical studies earlier on.  In addition to his prolific songwriting, he has exceptional improvisational skills and has used this for his soloing abilities.  Justin is undoubtedly one of the top guitar players in Florida.  He is one of the few "shredders" left.

Besides his guitar duties, J-Bone also handles backing vocals and in some instances, lead vocals.  In addition to Heavy Metal, he also likes newer Female Pop and some '70's Hard Rock.

You will not find a more gifted shredder and Heavy Metal songwriter in Florida.

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Russbiopix Russ joined Strych-Nine in 1996.  Since then we've recognized that he has a weird set of rules.  Rule 1: The drummer is always right.  Rule 2: If the drummer is wrong, see Rule 1.  Russ represents the difference between playing at the drums and playing the drums.

Russ likes to push the band by playing faster and using more complex drum parts.  Sometimes he goes a little overboard.  This is Strych-Nine.  Russ lives to play live like the rest of the band, but he doesn't drink, kind of.  He spends a lot of time writing the rhythm tracks with Heath. 

Russ's hobbies include shooting hoops and playing Metallica covers on an acoustic guitar.  Nobody really knows what type of music he likes, not even him.  Who knows, he could be jamming away to Fat Joe while playing the tunes for the band.

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StevieGbiopix Stevie G. has been with the band since its inception in 1991, through the Toxic Waste and Final Procedure era.  Steve came up with the name Strych-Nine.  As bassist for the band, he is a groove player, holding down the big bottom.  Actually, if it wasn't for Steve, the band probably wouldn't exist. 

Steve's vision is to keep Strych-Nine the hardest band around.  In addition to the heavy grooves, writing more melodic bass lines to the up tempo music is a way he improves the quality of the songs.

Moving the band into the national arena is another goal for Steve.  The music and creativity is only one part.  Moving forward with high tech marketing, electronic antics and other eye catching, crotch grabbing, ideas is an immediate goal necessary for long term achievement.

Right now, it's not about the money, it's all about the show.  In the future he hopes it's all about the money. 

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Juanitabiopix Juanita joined the band in 1999 as backing vocalist.  She added an in-your-face attitude for the band to go into the new millenium.  Juanita is straight up with Heath, and tells him when his lyrics suck.  It's easy to tell when she doesn't like something, she gets up and walks out of the band room.

Juanita's goals are to play the guitar, and be a switch off lead singer for the band.  She is currently working on a fully animated video for the band.  Her goal is to actually get it on MTV, although Heath and J-Bone will get seriously ill.  Juanita is getting more involved in the artwork for the band, including band flyers and this web site. 

Juanita's hobbies are computer animation, learning the guitar, mountain biking, roller blading and flicking off cops.  She hates liver and wants a tattoo.  Juanita wants the band to go on tour and bring the three dogs.  Heath will carry the scooper. 

Juanita is the most opened minded of the crew about different types of music (except country).  She loves when the band argues about the pride they have for their own brand of music.

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Jaybiopix Jay joined Strych-Nine in 2003, primarily as rhythm guitar and lead dual axe.  As a lost soul, he found guidance from the band and has become a lead ASE certified auto mechanic.  Yep, he's one of those that can actually work on new stuff (computers and all).  He spends many hours keeping his own vehicle running (just because it has 300,000 miles on it has nothing to do with its problems!)

Jay has added tremendous depth to the band with his low, deep rhythms and improvised solos.  He has become a viable songwriter and has added material to the "5th of Strych-Nine" album.  Also, as the photo shows, he is a great connoisseur of fine beer, such as Budweiser.

In order to accentuate his playing, Jay will typically take a slug of beer, then a puff on the butt, just prior to picking up the guitar.  We guess, the beer washes down the tobacco.  Jay is pretty laid back and enjoys rock oldies from the likes of the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.  This, with his affinity for metal (i.e. Pantera), brings his perspective to Strych-Nine.  His lead playing is right up there and he compliments J-Bone's solos by going dual axe on several songs.

The material on the latest album demonstrates the depth of his music and Jay's influence on the band.

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Jackbiopix Jack joined the band after Skooge left, in 1997.  In addition to his singing, Jack was also an actor, which lent a great stage presence to Strych-Nine.  When he wasn't doing this stuff, you could find him on the phone telemarketing.  Yeah, he's the guy that calls you in the middle of dinner to sell something (this is why we don't give out his personal nfo).

Jack was definatley into Iron Maiden and Bruce Dickensen's voice is readily apparent on "Suicide 39".  Jack was also responsible for some of the lyrics and rhythms off the same album.  Due to creative differences, Hack and the band went separate ways in 1999.

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Skoogebiopix Skooge (Scott St. Onge) was the only "saint" ever to grace Strych-Nine as a member, starting in 1993.  Scott was the first real singer for the band.  He actually sang on key and carried a tune.  Scott was responsible for all the vocals (except one) on "Cardiac Arrest" and all the vocals on "Lucid Visions".

The first set of lyrics written by Skooge was Body Double (off of "Lucid Visions").  This showed a hidden talent for writing.  From that point forward, Scott was responsible  for the lyrics of 5 songs from "Lucid Visions" and several from "Suicide 39".  He did not stay around long enough to record "Suicide 39".

When Scott wasn't in the studio or on stage, he worked construction.  If he got bored, it was not unusual for Stevie G. to bail him out of jail (this actually happen right beforte a gig).  Due to his stellar relationship with the local sheriff's department, Skooge decided to leave in 1997.

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Cambiopix Cam to Heath's place on the drums when Heath left for Univ. of Florida.  Cam did most of the drumming for "Lucid Visions".  In addition to heavy metal, Cam had a definate affinty for beer.  Unlike Jay, Cam liked all grades of beer (especiallly the low ones - you know, cheap is better).

Cam was adequit for "Lucid Visions" but seemed to have other priorities (women, and of course, beer).  His photo does not appear on the "Lucid Visions" album, due to the fact he couldn't make the shoot (he was out looking for - you guessed it - beer).

With all the above, Cam did bring that rock "attitude" to Strych-Nine.  This is evident in the photos we have.  We did have a lot of fun with him on the drums.  Cam left in 1996 when he saw Russ play and decided retirement was best.

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Seanbiopix Sean joined Strych-Nine on an interim basis after the departure of Heath and Juanita.  He took over vocalist and frontman duties from 2003-2005.  Previously Sean was the drummer for the rock band Dyonisis.  He is also the current drummer and backing vocalist for the blues band Holes In The Road.  Sean performed admirably for Strych-Nine, especially because of his unique presence in a heavy metal band - follicley challenged (read - bald) and spectaclly adorned (read - wore glasses).

When he's not doing musical stuff, Sean is a master mechanic on heavy machinery.  This is the main reason he can road his own drums (he even helps the bass player sometimes).  Sean is heavily into NASCAR racing.  He says the likes of Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon don't scare him at all.  To prove it , he says that he has yet to get a ticket tearing up the roads on his 15 hp Briggs & Stratton go-cart.

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