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Uncovered 5th of S9 Fastest Spoken Lines Suicide 39
Uncovered 5th of Strych-Nine Fastest Spoken Lines Suicide 39
Lucid Visions Cardiac Arest Two Decades Anthology
Lucid Visions Cardiac Arrest 2 Decades of Strych-Nine Anthology on MP3

Well, here you are on the home page.  Since you made it this far, you might as well check out the rest of the site.  Especially our  albums, lyrics photos and other stuff.

Actually, Strych-Nine is about the show.  However, this web site is a good look at us when we're not playing shows.  There are also pictures of us playing shows.   It takes four dudes, three trucks, one wasted roadie and us throwing a bunch of stuff at you,  while we sweat all over the place  jamming what we call hardcore car tunes.

So click through and you can find cool and rare stuff, where we're playing, how to contact us and all that other good BS.
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