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This is the latest album by Strych-Nine.  After a hiatus, J-Bone taking the position of frontman and lead guitar, the addition of Jay on rhythms and dual axe, the texture of the music has taken a different turn.  With much of the rhythms written by Stevie G. you may feel some older styles of pop metal coming through.  Also, a revisit to "Cardiac Arrest" yeilds a rockin' instrumental, "Laceration".  Not one to mince music with, a bass solo song has reared its ugly head, and if you think life is screwed up try being "F.U.C.T." ed.
This release has six songs, as well as the album, up for Grammy nominations in 2012.  "Southbound" and "Yes, I'm Broke" are in the rock category.  "F.U.C.T.", "La Maison Dieu", "Laceration" and "Large Mouth Bass" are in the Hard Rock/Metal category.  The album is up for consideration in Rock Album of the Year.

The members of Strych-Nine at this time are:

                                                                                                           J-Bone - Vocals, Lead Guitar
                                                                                                           Russ -Drums

                                                                                                           Stevie G.-Bass
                                                                                                           Jay - Rhythm Guitar

                       If you'd like to down load the songs for this album in MP3 (individually or the whole album) go to any of the following:

                                                                                                                CD Baby

                                                                                                                                            Last.fm (internet radio)
                                                                                                                Myspace Music

or catch the "5th of Strych-Nine" album on CD Baby.
A quick way to purchase the band's stuff is to use the CD Baby  Widget Store.  Either click on the link or go to the "What's Happening" page.
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The Music
To listen to a Ssund bites of a song,  just click on the highlighted link.  You will need an MP3 player to listen.
Southbound Music:  J-Bone,Russ,Stevie G,Jay
Lyrics:  Stevie G., Heath
Not the direction you are going to drive your car
Fuct Music:  J-Bone,Russ,Stevie G,  
Lyrics: J-Bone
Federalized, Under, Control, Tyranny
Laceration (remake) Music:  J-Bone, Russ,Stevie G,Jay Instrumental revisited from "Cardiac Arrest"
Fast Train To Nowhere Music:  J-Bone,Russ,Stevie G,Jay
Lyrics:  Stevie G.
These tracks form a donut
La Maison Dieu (Fallen House of God) Music:  Stevie G, Jay, Russ, J-Bone
Lyrics:  Stevie G., J-Bone
The Tarot meets Revelations
Take This Road Music:  J-Bone,Russ,Stevie G,Jay
Lyrics:  Stevie G.
A road you definitely don't want to be on
Winds of Change Music:  J-Bone,Russ,Stevie G,Jay
Lyrics:  Stevie G.
Do the winds really change direction?
Tantric Obsession Music:  J-Bone,Russ,Stevie G,Jay
Lyrics: Stevie G.
Orgasmic enlightenment
Yes, I'm Broke Music:  Russ,Stevie G,Jay J-Bone
Lyrics: Stevie G.
What's in your wallet?
Large Mouth Bass  Music: Stevie G., Russ, J-Bone That's Bāss not Băss