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These are the current ongoings of Holes-In-The-Road:

Finally, after 11 long years, Holes In The Road is releasing their sophomore album, "Canines of The Corn".  The album features the new drummer, George Fraga.  The album has many tried and true traditional blues titles as well as some personal originals, penned by Michel.  For now, the album is available on this website and Amazon.

The 3rd album, "Muddy Wolves and Backdoor Men", is making progress with about 85% of the material complete.  Now that George is back things may move along quicker.

The band will continue to play out live when the new drummer is on board.  Upcoming shows will be listed here, so check back often.

Their first album, "It Ain't Brain Surgery" is available on Amazon as well as this site.
Stay Tuned

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