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The Band
George steve Jimmy michel
George Stevie G Jimmy Michel

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michel Michel (yep, it's spelled correctly) has been a bluesmeister for almost forty years.  As the band leader, he is responsible for lead vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar and harmonica.  Michel usually does more than one thing at a time, lke play and sing or play the harmonica and guitar at the same time.  It's best to see him sing and play the harmonica (a unique trick).  Michel writes most of the original music and all of the original lyrics.  In addition to playing, Michel is instrumental in production of the album tracks, along with Stevie G.

In addition to the music, Michel spends a lot of time with the Humane Society looking after orphaned critters.  He has several (to say the least) critters himself.  Michel is also an accomplished finish carpenter

Personal questions? Email Michel

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Stevie G.

steve Stevie G. is Holes-In-The-Road's bass player.  He plays 4-string, 5-string and 8-string basses.  Usually one at a time.  He has been with the band since 1999.  Mostly a rhythm player, he will improvise fills when necessary and do some minor lead bass work.  In addition to playing the bass,  Stevie is also responsible for most of the engineering and album production (along with Michel)

Stevie is also a member of the all original heavy metal rock band Strych-Nine.  When playing with Holes-In-The-Road, he has to de-shred (read-play a LOT less).


Personal questions? Email Stevie G.

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George is Holes In The Roads drummer. George comes to the "Holes" with a background in '60's '70's and '80's rock/jazz. He also has a large latin influence with the likes of Santana, G. Estefan and E. Iglesias. His blues/rock influences in clude Three Dog Night, Chicago, B. Joel, and The Stones This broad spectrum enables him to be creative with the blues, especially with original material.
During the late '70''s George played in several bands in the Miami, Fl area. He likes kids, motorcycles, animals , food and of course drums. (He says food and drums are close!)

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Jimmybiopix Jimmy is the band's sax player.  Usually a "hired gun" he decide to help the band record it's first album.  He actually recorded all sixteen bass tracks in one session (whew!).  That's what he said.  Jimmy is the only sax player Holes-In-The-Road uses.  As wells as the blues, Jimmy plays jazz which is evident in his solos.  An extremely accomplished musician, Jim has played with the likes of Blood Sweat and Tears.  This is highlighted in his effort on the "God Bless the Child" track in the album.  With his perfect pitch ear, Jimmy keeps the band in key and in tune.

When not playing music, Jimmy spends his time on a 8 to 5 job as a professional surveyor. 

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