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After many months the Sensual Erotic Xstacy album is now complete (Whew!). This album is ecletic as the last one. Songs range from sexual explicit to "Johhny Cash"" country to kids songs. Check out "Squash The Bug" video and all. The album was not released in time for the 2017 Grammy's, but look for it next year. "Reflections" and "Path Of No Return" sure be the picks. It is currently available on this web site and should be on the others shortly.

Just prior to George coming on board, Stevie G. and Michel recorded two songs not requiring drums. "Just One Time" and "Fantasy" will be on the "Plug It In, Turn It On" album. In addition, "Somewhere In Time" has the instrumental tracks recorded. Drum parts and solo work are in progress. The song will be on the "What's In Your Pants?" album.

The band's sophomore album, Get Over It is still out there along with WTF

At this time, the albums are available on this site by going to the Order Form (above link) or e-mail us. You may also visit the sites below .

All material for "Sensual Erotic Xcstacy",is available on this site only for the time being.

All material for"Plug It In, Turn It On" has been penned. Two songs are complete and the rhythm tracks for a third is in progress.
Material for"What's In Your Pants?" has been penned. Stay Tuned!

Below are the locations where the current Dlinkwents material can be found or purchased, as well as on this site.

CD Baby Google Music
Amazon Emusic
Itunes- Dlinkwents 7Digital
Tradebit Shazam

A couple of notes here - the above links are now functional, with the exception of the two future albums, "Sensual Erotic Xctasy", "Plug It In, Turn It On" and "What's In Your Pants". On the lyrics page, all the lyrics are available for viewing.

This group of dowgs (dirty old white guys) is really somethin' else.
As the "que" changes we'll update you.  Feel free to e-mail us for info anytime.
PEACE for now (with a little on the side).