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Here are photos and brief bio's of the Dlinkwents.

Dlinks Band
Core Band
stevieg Michel George
Stevie G - Bass Michel - Guitar George - Drums
Additonal Members
J-Bone Laura Renee
J-Bone Lead - Solos Silvernightingale - Flute, Vocals Renee - Vocals
heath Joe Jimmy
Heath - Some Drums Joseph - Some Bass Jimmy - Sax
Diana Sean jerry
Diana - Squash Girl Sean - Percussion Bam Bam - Percussion
Angelina Sophia  
Angelina - Squash Girl Sophia - Squash Girl  

Other Photos

steveStevie G. Stevie G. is the primary song writer and lyricist for the band.  His primary instrument is the bass, although he dabbles in guitar.  Stevie is a member of NARAS and has been on three albums that have been up for grammy nominations. Stevie G. is the bassist for the heavy metal band "Strych-Nine" which has basically retired.  He also currently plays the bass for the blues band "Holes In The Road".
Just in case he doesn't have enough to do, Stevie G. is the principle owner of the record label, "Raye Records".  In addition, since the three bands he performs in are all "do it yourself", he contributes to engineering, mixing , master, album art, and is the web master of these sites.
You can e-mail Stevie direct at: Raye Records
michelMichel Michel (yes, correct spelling!) Chamberlain, is the primary rhythm guitarist for the Dlinkwents.  He also does various lead guitar parts and some guitar solos.  Michel also plays the harp.  He adds vocals to the songs where appropriate.
Michel is the leader, guitarist, vocalist, frontman and harp player for "Holes In The Road",which was up for a grammy nomination in 2008.  He also helped "Strych-Nine" with recording guitar parts on their tribute album.  He is instrumental in engineering and mixing of the songs.
You can e-mail Michel

George comes to the Dlinkwents with a background in '60's '70's and '80's rock. He also has a large latin influence with the likes of Santana, G. Estefan and E. Iglesias. His rock influences in clude Three Dog Night, Chicago, B. Joel, The Stones and Rush. This broad spectrum enables him to be creative with this eclectic band.
During the late '70''s George played in several bands in the Miami, Fl area. He likes kids, motorcycles, animals , food and of course drums. (He says food and drums are close!) You can e-mail George at:

Michel 01 Sean 01 Stevie 01 JBone01 Jimmy r1c6
r2c1 squash girls r2c3 r2c4 sean Stevie G
r3c2 sdbl George 2 Diana-Angelina steve