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The Dlinkwents are somewhat of an "open source" band with a core rhythm group.  The core group writes and records all the rhythms and some of the solo and vocal tracks.  Other musicians contribute to the material as they see fit, especially using other instruments.  The music is eclectic with the base being of a rock virtue.  However, genres such as rock-reggae, country, blues rock and jazz rock are explored. The lyrics revolve around various individuals lives and are written mostly by Stevie G.  Most of what the band does is legal, but with a name like "Dlinkwents" what can you expect except a little trouble.

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W.T.F. Get Over It Sensual Erotic Xctasy  Plug It In, Turn It On
What's In Your Pants? (future) Are You Kidding (future) Anthology on MP3 (future)  

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