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Raye Records, a wholly owned subsidiary of Raye Engineering, is designed for independent artists.  The company records, produces, engineers and promotes top musicians.  Material found in Raye Records is eclectic.  Styles such as blues, rock, metal, jazz, etc. are supported.  Below are the current artists with Raye Records.         
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Strych-Nine Holes Dlinkwents Summerland
Strych-Nine Holes In The Road The Dlinkwents Summerland

Strych-Nine is a hard rock/heavy metal  band, writing original music since 1991.  They have released six albums.  In 2001, the band was up for a Grammy nomination with their only single release.  In 2002 they were up for Grammy nominations, including best rock album.  The band was up for seven Grammy nomination including best album in 2012.  To see a complete profile, please enter their site here. 

Holes In The Road was founded by Michel Chamberlain around 30 years ago.  The current lineup has been together for 12 years.  The band is primarily original and traditional blues.  However, they do dabble in contemporary blues, jazz and R&B.  Their first album was up for a Grammy nomination in 2007.  The "Holes" are currently working on their second release.  To catch more of the band, please enter their site here.

The Dlinkwents are a core band with guest players that have something to contribute.  The music is eclectic with songs ranging from rock, rock blues, rock reggae, pop rock, rock ballads,etc.  The band has released 4 albums. Numerous songs have been up for Grammy nominations in the last 4 years.   Check them out here.

Here they are the highly acclaimed, widely renowned, fusion of acoustic hybrid rock & grass-roots hip-hop, SUMMERLAND.  Here it finally is… the long awaited arrival of the debut album Summerland.  Formed in late 2010, Summerland started out as a test.  A test of musicianship to see what happens when a ex-hardcore punk-rocker ska guy goes on a mission to tell life stories and lessons of growing up and becoming yourself.  Summerland seems to have aced this test, mixing traditional organic recording methods with digital methods to give the album a unique sound, they have come up with an album of songs that push the edge and will transcend you to places and times that you both love & hate. This 3 piece band knows how to throw down and at the same time keep it all under control.  If you ever get a chance, a live show is a ‘must’…  Trust us, it’s way better and louder than the album.
Check out the site here.

Music from these bands can be obtained by visiting the appropriate artists sites and followings links to their respective ordering pages.  Or you can visit the on-line Raye Records Catalog Store.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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